Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Expedition Course #3: Coastal Ecology and Culture, pt. V

Looking out from my family's restaurant in Ban Had Yao Jao Mai.

So, this is the way some of the other students and I spent our nights in the village. That's right, playing with gasoline-soaked  rags tied to the end of sticks and chains. There were three casualties to the nights' festivities - I. Johnny's quick-dry t-shirt, now filled with holes burnt by sparks; II. my left arm, which now has a small burn scar of a ball and chain; and III. Pinky's hair, a bunch of which was singed off by a wayward spark. Amazing nonetheless!

Ban Had Yao Jao Mai, where we stayed for 8 days, is a Muslim community, and thus, for our final dinner (the main course curry made from a freshly slaughtered goat), we donned traditional Southern Thai Muslim garb. 

Taking photos with our host families on the beach right outside my family's restaurant.

The 'cul-de-sac' I lived on was dominated by one family. They all didn't like spicy food (unusual for southern Thais); they didn't like sweet, or at least claimed to, against all evidence, even as they poured globs of sweetened condensed milk into their small teacups of gopi; they were all left handed; and they were absolutely amazing. What a perfect way to end the last of our expeditions!

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