Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Expedition Course #3: Coastal Ecology and Culture, pt. II

A neighborhood of Koh Mook, at low tide. The houses closest to the ocean on this island, like the ones here are built on stilts.

A picture of the mainland from Koh Mook, through rows of the villagers' fishing boats, right before a rain storm.

The surf on one of Koh Mook's beaches, where we made beach landings in spite of the breaking waves. It was dope.

Thanks to a waterproof camera pouch I was able to borrow from a friend on the program, I was able to take this self-photo. I'd like to turn the attention to my superb sunglasses, whose lenses had the ability to swivel up and down over 90 degrees.

P'Toto and Luke kayaking to cross from Koh Mook to the mainland.

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