Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Expedition Course #3: Coastal Ecology and Culture, pt. IV

Perks, Bang Eyat, and P'Toto (right to left) listening to Bang Heed talk about Ban Had Yao Jao Mai's mangrove conservation forest.

Ma Dtey roasting cashews on the streets of Ban Had Yao Jao Mai. They were delicious!

Riding in a motorcycle sidecar, I snapped one of Ma Mai and my younger brother Wa.

Tromping through the mangroves of Thung Da Sae, I was amazed by the sprawling complex roots of the Xylocarpus Mekongensis (pictured above) and of other mangrove trees.

In the Thung Da Sae mangroves, where I sat for two hours and just took in the colors, sounds, and smells (intense they were!) of the area.

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